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Sound Effects from FreeSound.org by antumDeluge, OwlStorm, robinhood76, zimbot

Music List from incompetech.com by Kevin MacLeod including the following tracks:

  • Covert Affair
  • Dances and Dames
  • Doh De Oh
  • Fig Leaf Times Two
  • Five Card Shuffle
  • Hand Trolley
  • Hot Swing

Fonts List

  • Century Gothic
  • CF Paris
  • Broadway
  • Britannic Bold
  • Mouse Deco
  • Elephant
  • Berlin Sans FB
  • Bookman Old Style

All other work are my own.

About Me

I'm a game/level designer by profession and you can find me on Twitter @ipoop_rainbows I haven't written fiction in a decade and this is good motivation to start!

Please play with sound.

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